Using a harness to walk your dog

Using a harness to walk your dog

It is time now to ask the expert about Dog Harness’s

Do you get frustrated when walking your dog, does your dog pull on the leash, walk in front of you or take off in another direction?

So we have Heidi Boyd here with the Wisconsin Humane Society and she’s here with a device that will help your pet to stop pulling but first this cute popular Dog, oh my gosh, yes this is Peter.

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Peter  is not going to pull right no? yes? he’s a two month old puppy he’s available for adoption at our Wisconsin Avenue shelter and he is a very snuggly little guy.

Oh so why do dogs pull on their leash, pulling is a natural response to the dog having the collar around the neck and then the leash attached to the collar and so when you’re out for a walk with your dog if you happen to be going different speeds that pressure on their neck just causes them to want to pull against that or to get away from it, they’ll sort of lean in hoping that that will eventually break the pressure.

The correct Harness for your Dog

So what are some things you can do even though I really just want to focus on Pete let’s look right at Peter because this is why I’m here to talk about harnesses for dogs, okay so I did put a harness on Peter it’s a little big because he’s so dirty, nice so he hasn’t grown into his harness yet but in about you know two months or so he will and it goes around the chest and the shoulder area, okay so it transfers exactly it transfers the pressure away from the neck and then the leash attaches back here so that helps the animal feel the pressure differently so how do you find that what do you look for when you’re looking for the collar in the week yeah you’re gonna want to look for a harness that is snug fitting but not too tight.

There are all different kinds of Dog Harness brands one that we really like is called the Weiss walkie and it’s something that you call the one the Weiss walkie it was developed by dr.Weiss who’s a veterinarian and we sell them in our animal antics stores and yes that’s something you can pick up online.

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